National Sons Day 2021 date and an emotional story of a mom and son

This year, the National Sons Day 2021 date is the 28th of September, and we are so excited for this day. Mainly, this day reminds us that we have a family and we gave to fulfil all their rights in every aspect of life. In this manner, this day is the best day for small gatherings and celebrations.

What’s The Story:

So, here is a beautiful story of mother love for her kids is written. To start, Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos are sensitive and kind-hearted parents for their kids. They send their youngest son to the college of the USA, and it was a very emotional scene for them because Ripa doesn’t want to leave him.

Well, they have three children, Juaquin who is 18, Michael of 24 years, and Lola, who is about 20 years old. Additionally, Ripa loves them a lot, and she wants to cuddle them all the time. At the age of 15 or 16 years, these jokes stopped because kids became mature. On the contrary, the same jokes were started again during the pandemic when they had a great quality time with each other.

It was the 50th birthday night of Ripa, and all the children wanted to surprise her. Here, the kids want to decorate the whole room, so they asked Ripa Can we sleep for one night in your room? Ripa kissed them all and allowed them to sleep there and leave her room.

Final Verdict:

Primarily, there is no doubt that no one loves us more than our parents in this world. After this night, Rips starts to hug them while dropping them or picking them up from the college. In this way, it turns into a more emotional scene for them than a fun game. That’s why the love and affection of parents are very important in the upbringing of their kids. Remember to show your love to your son on this National Sons Day 2021 date back to Sep 28.

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