As Sons Day approaching, Gold Star mom invites Donald Trump to her sons Funeral

In the fast-running game of life, it’s a great idea to celebrate National Sons Day 2021 with great zeal. Take some time for your children on this National Sons day and make them the happiest from your tough routine.

Recent Development regarding 11 Sep

Additionally, there is a very emotional story of a Gold Star mother who invited former President Donald Trump to her son’s funeral, who was killed in the terror attack outside Kabul’s airport. Here, her son was a US service member, and 13 boys were killed in this attack.

So, the mother addressed in the Facebook post that it would be an honor if my president could attend the funeral of my beautiful son Kaleem. After this, the president responded to the post and gave the Gold Star Mother the best compliments. But he didn’t tell whether he would attend the funeral or not.

However, the parents blamed President Biden for this attack because he sent his son as a paper pusher. On the 30th of August, Chappell wrote a long Facebook post for Biden in which he explained his feelings that Biden doesn’t even know how I feel about this loss.

Moreover, Shana also added that my son’s blood is in the hands of Biden and called him a weak and poor human being. Above all, Donal Trump also responded to this post and considered Chappell correct. In this post, Trump shows his sympathy towards the family of Kaleem and all other 12 boys.

 After posting the same message on another platform, her account became disabled. However, Facebook claims that it happens mistakenly, and both accounts are active now.

Final Thoughts:

Well, it is not easy to face the death of your son, and people can understand the pain of Chappell. So, on this National Sons day, show your true affection and love to your son because he needs it.

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